Wednesday 09:00-12:30

About Karl

Karl is a Security Consultant at Lateral Security in Christchurch, New Zealand. His areas of interest include hardware hacking and advanced XSS techniques. In his spare time, he enjoys climbing rocks and popping locks.

Training Overview

Reverse Engineering for Education/Entertainment is an informal training session to teach tools and techniques useful in application analysis.

The goal is to provide attendees with a high-level introduction to a variety of free (and predominately open source) toolsets; breaking down the stigma of reverse engineering being magical voodoo.

Training Learnings

  • The ability to manipulate and decipher a variety of programming languages (both interpreted and compiled).
  • An understanding of common debugging techniques.
  • Knowledge of basic reversing toolsets, and how to use them.

Attend this Training

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Note: If the morning sessions fills up we will open a second class for the afternoon. Spots are limited as this is a hands on class.

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