The Access Keys to Moria

Thursday 17:15-17:45

About Jeremy

Jeremy is an engineer who loves to build everything from washing machines to wearables, embedded systems to servers. Recently he’s been crafting security tools and infrastructure as a security operations engineer at Vend. While building things is fun, breaking things is better.

Talk Overview

So you’re half way through your first hack-a-thon, and are firing up your very first server in the… cloud. Pretty neat stuff! That to-do list is coming along nicely.

When you created those… AWS Access Keys… did policies sound boring, and full-access sound way more fun? Did you save them in a file on your Desktop? Are you wondering exactly how many minutes it takes for an access key uploaded to Github to be exploited?

Well I have a solution for you. I’ve made a thing. It makes creating _temporary_ access keys easy, stores them properly, but still lets you use them! If it’s your very first project, or you are in a team of 100, you no longer need to throw money down the bitcoin Mines of Moria.

* batteries-not-included-no-money-back-guarantee-mileage-may-vary

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