Putting the ARR back into RBAC

Friday 10:00-10:30

About Jed

For someone who often claims to not be a developer, Jed spends a lot of time automating himself out of a job using scripting languages. In other words, he’s using technical skills to willingly become a manager.

Talk Overview

Are there more than 50 people in your organisation? So, you don’t know everyone’s life story and current employment agreement by heart? Uh-oh, that probably means there’s accounts in your systems that should’ve been removed a long time ago, and the accounts that should be there probably have permissions that they shouldn’t. Wouldn’t it be great if you could do The Great Account Audit more often than annually, by breaking up the work into manageable pieces and using “Logic” and “Rules” instead of “yeah nah, looks good!”? In this talk, Jed will take you through how to make credential lifecycle management a real part of your organisation, and demo the system he’s developed to make it easy for organisations to stay on top of it. Note: this presentation does not require Microsoft E11 licences.

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