Caught between the devil and the deep blue sea: Navigating security communications

Thursday 16:45-17:15

About Izzi

Izzi’s got a knack for making complicated things easy for people to understand. For the past couple of years she’s been doing that at CERT NZ – helping everyday Kiwis get on board the Good Ship InfoSec. She brings her own brand of technical know-how to the CERT NZ team, with over a decade of experience as a public relations specialist.

Talk Overview

When preparing for security incidents, we’re always hearing “it’s not if, it’s when” so security teams build process and technology solutions to rebuild the technical walls when the castle gets breached. But what we don’t often hear about is how we’re going to tell people what’s going on, and how the flow of information to our organisation’s staff, customers and anyone else who’s interested will be managed. We’re all just hoping it’s not our job to have to tell the CEO or the 6 o’clock news.

But there are people whose job it is to talk to other people, and by bringing those communications specialists into the world of security, we’ve got a better chance of getting out of a security incident alive. Izzi from CERT NZ is one of those communications specialists and she’ll share insights to help you navigate a security incident from a different technical perspective.

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